There is no question in my mind why families of injured children hire Larry Buckfire to represent their injured children. First, without question, Larry is among the elite child injury lawyers in the United States of America, and is clearly the leader of the State of Michigan. He has recovered millions of dollars for injured children time after time. Larry gives each child’s case his own personal attention from start to finish and is very knowledgeable on Michigan child injury law. Michigan Child Injury Lawyer

Larry’s book, “Little Kids, Big Accidents” is a great guide for parents on child injury cases in Michigan. As a parent myself, I find the book is a great resource on being aware of the most common injury accidents involving children. By reading this book, you will know what appropriate precautions to avoid child injury and find comfort if you are in that awful position as a parent where your child is injured due to someone’s negligence or carelessness. I would recommend every parent who lives in Michigan to read this book.

~Chris Keane

California Child Injury Lawyer

The Ultimate Michigan Car Accident Handbook” is the “best book that I have ever read on Michigan auto accident laws.  Attorney Daniel L. Buckfire, respected as a legal authority in Michigan No-Fault insurance laws, does an excellent job in explaining the complex laws in easy to understand language.  It is a step by step guide that takes the reader through the entire process, teaches them what benefits are available and how to make a claim, and the biggest pitfalls to avoid when dealing with the insurance company.             Michigan Car Accident Lawyer                   

The insurance companies hate this book and for good reason.  After reading this book, accident victims will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of every penny they are owed by the insurance company.  The usual tricks that insurance adjusters use to avoid paying benefits will no longer work.  The book is a must read for anyone involved in a Michigan car accident.

~Christopher Davis

 Washington Car Accident Attorney

Most lawyer advertisements claim that when you are injured in a motorcycle accident you “need a lawyer that rides.” But will that help you win your case if you are injured in a motorcycle accident? What you really need is a well educated, experienced, knowledgeable lawyer on Michigan motorcycle accident laws. Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Daniel L. Buckfire wrote the book “The Ultimate Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook” as a practical guide for motorcyclists to understand their legal rights if injured. Daniel shares his knowledge with bikers and I feel any motorcyclist who reads this book will find the information provided extremely valuable. Experienced bikers know that the Michigan  motorcycle laws are very complex and complicated. Reading this book will teach you everything you need to know about filing your insurance claims, receiving all of your No-Fault insurance benefits, and winning the best settlement for your case.  I believe every motorcyclist in Michigan should own this book.  It’s hard to believe that Daniel gives this book away for free.

~Mark Breyer

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Anyone who has a loved one in a Michigan nursing home should read “The Michigan Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Book.”  Attorney Larry Buckfire is highly respected as a top nursing home litigator by attorneys throughout the United States.  His well-written book explains precisely what acts constitute nursing home abuse and neglect and discusses why most injuries are never reported or discovered.   Michigan Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The book will teach you the legal rights of nursing home residents and the full legal process in nursing home neglect cases.    It also explains what must be proven to win this type of case and how to find the best lawyer to handle your case.  The book is free and the information is priceless.

~John Bisnar

California Consumer Rights Lawyer

The Michigan Drunk Driving Accident Handbook” is the best book to read if you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver in Michigan. The book explains all of the legal rights available to anyone injured in a drunk driving crash.  This includes claims for No-Fault Insurance benefits, suing the drunk driver, and filing claims against the server of the alcohol under the Dram Shop Laws.Michigan Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Victims of a Michigan drunk driving accident will benefit greatly by reading this book.  The laws are both complex and confusing and this book answers all of them in plain English.  It also explains the important deadlines that will destroy a claim if it is not timely filed.  Get this book immediately after the accident to protect yourself from being victimized a second time.

~Charles Boyk

Ohio Car Accident Lawyer

The Ultimate Guide to Injury Cases in Michigan” is a valuable book to all residents of Michigan and anyone injured while visiting the State of Michigan.  The book is very informative on explaining the Michigan law on personal injury accidents and lawsuits.  It teaches you which cases can be filed and explains the entire process from start to finish.  The book also teaches injury victims the biggest mistakes a person can make that will destroy a good case. Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

This book is a real public service to accident and injury victims in Michigan.  I would advise that anyone suffering an injury in Michigan read this book carefully before contacting a lawyer or speaking to the insurance company.  The information is priceless. 

~Kenneth Christensen

 Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

The Ultimate Michigan Dog Bite & Animal Attack Handbook” is a great book that explains the laws on dog bite and attack cases in Michigan.  The book teaches victims about all aspects of the laws, how to make a claim, and how to win the best settlement for their case.  It also discusses the important steps a dog bite victim should take immediately after being attacked.  It is a great resource for both victims and parents of children attacked by a dog in Michigan. Michigan Dog Bite Lawyer

 ~Nancy Cavey

Florida Injury Lawyer